Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) and Pi Alpha Omega EAF Endowment


In 2015, the EAF Committee led a charge to create a chapter endowment. With full support of the members and a $1,000 initial investment, the Pi Alpha Omega EAF Endowment was established. To inspire the chapter to raise the minimum $20,000 needed to capitalize the endowment, the EAF Ambassador campaign kicked off in January 2017. Members had the opportunity to become part of chapter history as original contributors to the fund with a one hundred-dollar ($100) donation. EAF Captain Patricia Kauffman gave one hundred dollars, becoming the first Pi Alpha Omega EAF Ambassador. Chapter leaders past and present and other chapter members quickly signed on to the campaign. The financial success of the EAF Ambassador campaign resulted in chapter recognition at the 2017 EAF Luncheon in Las Vegas with the Emerald Award, acknowledging chapter contributions of $15,000 or more in a calendar year. In late 2017 the endowment was fully capitalized with more than $20,000. Following a successful raffle fundraiser in the summer of 2018, the first Pi Alpha Omega Endowment scholarship was awarded under the leadership of EAF Captain Linda Sanders.

The Pi Alpha Omega EAF Endowment supports scholarships for deserving students. As an IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization, EAF works to increase access to a college education. EAF realizes its goals, in part, because of individual donors and its relationships with companies, corporations and other organizations. Through the generosity of these partners, lives of students and communities are transformed. The simplest tax-deductible gift ensures that students can purchase books, secure housing and transportation, decreases food insecurity and sustains student enrollment leading to successful completion of their educational aspirations.

Continuing the implementation of creative marketing campaigns, along with the tools provided by EAF, the Pi Alpha Omega EAF Endowment continues to grow. The EAF Captain and Co-Captain for 2020 are Gerilyn Metoyer and Lisa Chester.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the Foundation’s work. Examples include monthly donations, matching gift programs, memorial gifts, stocks, bonds, named endowment funds or fellowships, bequests, trusts, annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and charitable gift annuities.

Company matching gifts can double your donation to EAF. Check with your company’s Human Resource Department to determine if this is an option available and for the required documentation.

Contributions to the Pi Alpha Omega Chapter endowment can be made online.

Scholarship Awards
Annual scholarships are awarded to students attending post-secondary institutions based on merit and/or financial need. Invest in the future by supporting students in need. 
Make a tax deductible gift today.


EAF Ambassadors

  • Kimberly M. Esmond Adams
    Madelyn Adams
  • Nicole M. Adams
  • Judith Arrington
  • Marilyn J. Arrington
  • Chermaine Axam-Wilkins
  • Jacqueline Lawson Baker
  • Peggy Noreen Baker
  • Melanie Key Bales
  • Rhonda Hunlen Barnett
  • Hazel M. Birth
  • Pandora Brown
  • Dewanna Burke
  • Candace Lorelle Byrd
  • Gloria C. Carithers
  • Melody L. Carter
  • Marcia E. Chandler
  • Jamika H. Cooper
  • Diane Davenport
  • LaShanda R. Dawkins
  • Tina Simmons DeFoor
  • Elise Durham
  • Rosalyn Jackson Eatman
  • Belinda Edwards
  • Kristie Elmore
  • Louise Barnes Ferguson
  • Kimberly Wofford Foster
  • Josephine M. Frazier
  • Yvonne A. Gaither
  • Betty Gibbs-Jones
  • Valda Gibson
  • Bonnie Gissendanner
  • Thyrsa M. Gravely
  • Francine O. Greer
  • Jada O. Greer
  • Carolyn T. Hall
  • Anita Harris Hawk
  • Mary Joyce Harris
  • Stephanie C. Harris
  • Angela Hawkins
  • Billie Hicks
  • Karen Hill
  • Sharon Hill
  • Shirley Hinton
  • Marilyn Vincent Holmes
  • April Howze
  • Patricianne Hurd
  • Larette Jackson
  • Chynna Steele Johnson


  • Whitney Judson
  • Gwendolyn Ball Julien
  • Tanya Junious
  • Patricia Kauffman
  • Adrienne C. Lester King
  • Patricia Latimer
  • DeeAnn Lisby Lundy
  • Wonya Lucas
  • Roslyn Mafico
  • Joannie Marks
  • Jatisha Marsh
  • Brianca Martin
  • Emerelle McNair
  • Gerilyn Metoyer
  • Ronda Mitchell-Wise
  • Saunsarae Montanez
  • Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore
  • Elsie Morris
  • Kimberly Moss
  • Lisa D. Nelson
  • Marcia Nurse
  • Mae Oliver
  • Carol Osborne
  • Desiree Pedescleaux
  • Cheryl Pressley
  • Natalie Reed
  • Josephine Reed-Taylor
  • Sandra Reese
  • Pamela P. Reid
  • Carolyn C. Richardson
  • Linda Sanders
  • Tori Silas
  • Ardon T. Smalls
  • Susan Stegall
  • Varita E. Suitt
  • Kendra Taylor
  • Shelia Tenney
  • Toni’ K. Terry
  • Bette Graves Thomas
  • Mary Evelyn Turner
  • Erika Walker-Cash
  • Paula Conyers Walker
  • Belinda Webb
  • Corliss Hill White
  • Cassandra Whitfield
  • Carla C. Whitlock
  • Jean Wiles
  • Bettye Wilkes
  • Denise Williams

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