Date Chartered |   September 21, 1985  | South Atlantic Region

Pi Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered on September 21, 1985. As the fourth graduate chapter in Atlanta, Georgia, thirty charter members included: Marilyn Arrington, Jamilla Bell, Ora Bohannon, Patricia Budd, Janice Christian, Mary Currie, Mary Joyce Flournoy, Margaret Gamble, Bonnie Gissendanner, Billie Greenwell, Marilyn Vincent Holmes, Cathy Hope, Margaret Crawford Howell, Lucille Jackson, Cherlyn Mitchell, Elsie Morris, Deborah J. Myles, Carol Lewis Osborne, Gloria Patterson, Janet Payne, Lisa Piersaw-Greenwell, Marjorie Smith, Margaret Beale Spencer, Erma Jean Thomas, Althea Turk, Charlotte Turk, Barbara Yarn, Renee Zeigler and Muriel Zeigler. The process began when Erma Jean Thomas gathered twenty-five members together with diverse potential and interest in community affairs who had expressed their desire to enhance service to all mankind. The North Atlanta Georgia Interest Group was formed under the direction of South Atlantic Regional Director, Mary Shy Scott. The Interest Group held meetings, formed committees and developed projects, becoming actively involved in community activities, voter registrations and funding for historically black
colleges and universities.

In 2005, Pi Alpha Omega presided over the chartering of Sigma Sigma Chapter at Clayton State University to become the supervising graduate chapter. Through mentoring and engagement, many of these young women were successful in achieving high scholastic honors and subsequently transitioning into rewarding careers after graduation. Pi Alpha Omega maintained high visibility in the 2000 and 2010 U. S. Census, exhibited leadership in programs and events including Book Buddies, Going Green, Health Promotions, and AKA Day at the Capitol. Award winning recognition was given at the 2013 South Atlantic Regional Conference for being a strong advocate for Social Justice and Human Rights. In 2003, the Ivy and Roses Community Fund, Incorporated (IRCF) was founded by the members of Pi Alpha Omega. As a 501 ©(3) non-profit foundation, the mission of the IRCF was to acquire resources to support and promote programs and services to meet the changing needs of Atlanta residents. A biennial signature program, “Through the Years…” which showcases various aspects of the Arts is a collaborative effort of Pi Alpha Omega and IRCF. Featured signature program themes have included, A Tribute to Nina Simone, A Tribute to Motown, The Harlem Renaissance, All That Jazz, Honoring Atlanta’s Pearl – Pearl Cleage, Celebrating HBCU Artists and Black to Broadway. These original fundraising events have generated thousands of dollars to support the community as well as award scholarships and grants. The chapter serves 25 Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU), the official system for community engagement in Atlanta. To date, the chapter has been under the leadership of ten administrations. Chapter presidents were Ora Bohannon (IBTW), Patricia L. Budd, Billie Hicks, Carol L. Osborne, M. Patricianne Hurd, Jacqueline Baker, Melanie Key Bales, Marilyn Arrington, Francine O. Greer and Nicole M. Adams. Brianca Martin serves as the current president. The chapter has been in the forefront of leadership for Metropolitan Atlanta Founders’ Day activities, Cluster V Conferences, South Atlantic Regional Conferences, and the 2016 Boule. Members have served at the local, regional and international levels of the sorority.

Under the leadership of International President, Dr. Glenda Glover, Pi Alpha Omega fully embraces her administration’s program of service, Exemplifying Excellence through Sustainable Service. Projects have included: Target 1: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action held a “Send-Off Celebration” for 17 high school seniors attending an HBCU in the fall of 2019. #CAP conducted an “Encouragement Campaign” by sending motivating emails to high school students as they prepared for the year end testing and graduation. Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness spearheaded “She Matters” a women’s health symposium that offered free mammograms and healthcare information to the community. Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy held “E3 – Economic Empowerment Expo” with workshops on wealth building and investments, credit repair, identity theft, entrepreneurship, college financial options, and sessions designed for youths between the ages of 13-18. Target 4: The Arts! Summer art supplies were awarded to 6th and 7th grade student artists as an incentive for them to expand their artistic abilities while on summer break. Target 5: Global Impact collaborated with Target 4 to provide lunch and fellowship with a local non-profit theater company that teaches girls in juvenile detention centers, group homes and refugee centers how to write, produce and act in plays. Pi Alpha Omega is represented by a diverse group of women with a wide range of backgrounds, accomplishments, careers, talents, resources, expertise and interests. This diversity yields benefits from a multi-generational membership of recent college graduates, women on the fast career track or at the pinnacle of their careers, household CEOs and retirees. Pi Alpha Omega is a trailblazer in leading a sincere and rare indelible footprint in Atlanta, Georgia. In a span of 35 years, Pi Alpha Omega has increased in size from 30 to over 400 members.

Charter Members

  • Marilyn Arrington
  • Jamila Bell
  • Ora Bohannon*
  • Pat Budd
  • Janice Christian*
  • Mary Currie
  • Mary Joyce Flournoy
  • Margaret Gamble
  • Bonnie Gillon
  • Bonnie Gissendanner
  • Billie Greenwell
  • Lisa Piersaw Greenwell
  • Marilyn Vincent Holmes
  • Cathy Hope
  • Margaret Crawford Howell
  • Lucille Jackson
  • Cherlyn Mitchell
  • Elsie Morris
  • Deborah J. Myles
  • Carol Lewis Osborne
  • Gloria Patterson
  • Janet Payne
  • Margaret Beale Spencer
  • Marjorie Smith
  • Emma Jean Thomas
  • Althea Turk
  • Charlotte Turk*
  • Barbara Yarn
  • Muriel Zeigler*
  • Renee Zeigler

*Deceased member

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